Sales Effectiveness

Drive Sales Strategies and Motivate right behavior

The sales force continues to be one of the most significant investments for any commercial organization. The ability to operationalize your commercial strategy and go from decision to impact with confidence is key to success.

Driving a culture of data-driven decision making requires you to:

Understand your target market, their buying criteria, and the talent mix required to address them
Know when to target across the channel of preference and where your prospects are in the buying cycle
Motivate the desired sales behaviors with the right incentives and rewards
Leverage real-time insight across every aspect of field performance and take corrective action when needed

Our Offerings:

Segmentation and

Motivate the right behaviors to drive your sales strategy.

  • Compensation plan design and simulation
  • Goal setting
  • Sales crediting
  • Plan and spiff administration
  • Plan effectiveness reporting
  • Kicker, Chairman's Circle, Contest Design and Administration
  • Comprehensive auditing and history tracking capabilities

Key Offerings-

  • Alignment design and maintenance
  • ZIP and account movements
  • Roster management
  • Full support for parent-child affiliations
  • Smart decision support
  • Intelligent workload balancing

Key Offerings-

  • Customer Segments
  • Actionable Insights
  • Increased Engagement
  • Collaboration & Transparency
  • Reduction In Cost
  • Standardized Business Process

Target the key Customer-

  • Collaboration across team and channel
  • Mobile accessible for field productivity
  • Guard-rails to maintain control and governance
  • Quality control reports to pinpoint issues in call plan generation


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